Service Pillar #1

Employment Services

We seek to develop a broad network of employers willing to participate with us to hire our clients.

We help provide targeted job tax credits for employers who hire our clients.

We also create business through which we can train and employ our clients.

We help our clients with continuing education and vocational training goals.

"...but with God, all things are possible."

Matthew 19:26b

Service Pillar #2

Housing Services

We partner with numerous shelter and housing providers to help facilitate temporary and long-term housing opportunities for our clients.

We offer structured, sober living housing for our clients. Our program is designed to strengthen our residence in their walk and through the transition back into the community.

We also offer financial courses that help them increase their knowledge and understanding on money and debt management. A segment of this course curriculum will teach and guide them on their path to homeownership.

Service Pillar #3

Counseling Services

We partner with biblically based mental health providers to offer a wide variety of spiritual, mental, and emotional counseling options.

We host AA & Al-anon groups, individual and group counseling sessions.

We host church services along with bible study groups.

We host spiritual and emotional wellbeing conferences providing lectures for specialists in their fields.

"Everyone deserves a second chance"

2 Corinthians 2:5-8

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